Mike & Michele Baumgardner

Director of Officiating, APP Tour USA Pickleball Certified Referee USA Pickleball Certified Referee Coordinator - Great Lakes Region USA Pickleball - Registered Referee Trainer USA Pickleball - ATS Assessor APP Tour - Director of Officiating

About this speaker

Mike started his referee journey in February 2020 and earned his L1 and L2 credentials later that year. At that time, Mike was convinced that he would become a future Professional Pickleball Referee and dedicated all of his free time to pursuing that goal.  In August 2021, he became a certified referee.

The APP Tour has given Mike many exciting opportunities to referee gold medal matches.  He has been honored to serve as lead referee on Center Court at the 2022 USAP Nationals, a member of the Major League Pickleball Officiating Team, Head Referee for the inaugural year of the National Pickleball League and was named to the Head Referee Team for the APP Tour in 2023.  

In June 2024, Mike was asked to serve as the Director of Officiating for the APP Tour.  The opportunity to work with the incredible APP staff as well as the hard-working, dedicated, and professional Referees to produce a high-quality event for Pros and Amateurs alike is thrilling and he looks forward to the endless possibilities that lie ahead for this amazing sport and where the APP Tour will take it.  


Pickleball Rules Straight from the Experts

July 15, 2024, 07:30 PM
Mike & Michele Baumgardner