Lee Holden

Qigong Master, Holden QiGong Doctor of Chinese Medicine Graduate of UC Berkeley with a BA in Psychology Qigong practitioner for over 30 years Previously studied under Taoist Master Mantak Chia

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Qigong pronounced Chee-gong (气功) means 'life energy cultivation'. It is a holistic system of coordinated movement, breathing, and meditation used for the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.

Lee Holden, master of the ancient art of Qigong and CEO/founder at Holden Qigong, is a world-renowned leader who brought this Chinese practice to the modern world. Featured on eight successful PBS shows with another 13 episodes under “Your Fountain Of Youth With Lee Holden,” shot at various scenic locations, including Yosemite, Redwood National Park, and Croatia.

Through online and in-person courses, Holden teaches the transformative power of Qigong. This science improves the energy life force of individuals and professional athletes by activating dormant energy through breathing and meditative exercises. Holden has helped over 10,000 students break through barriers to uncover healing from injury or disease, maximize energy levels, and decrease signs of aging.

Having received certification directly from Master Mantak Chia, Holden ghostwrote 12 books, including an international bestseller about transforming stress into vitality. It's no wonder why Qigong is one of the most popular exercises worldwide, being practiced daily by 50 million people.

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