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 2024 Pickleball Summit!
July 14 - 16

The Summit is a FREE ONLINE event featuring over 20 top pickleball pros, world-class coaches, and experts discussing shots, strategy, and the mental and physical aspects of the game.

Plus, when you register for the Summit, you'll get a copy of the 2024 Playbook. It's full of tips and strategies that you can take to the courts and apply to your game immediately. 

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Here's What Others Are Saying

  • Thanks TONS for the Pickleball Summit! That was an incredible amount of information and a notebook full of hints and ideas to improve my Pickleball game.

    Kasey Potzler
    Kasey Potzler

    Thanks for the ideas.

  • Such a wealth of information to be reviewed many more times. Thank YOU for providing such access to so many talented professionals (more than just players)!

    Kenneth King
    Kenneth King

    Wealth of Information

  • Unbelievable! Fabulous! So informative and educational. I’ve only watched day 1 and part of day 2 presentations! But I wanted to congratulate you all.

    Peter O'Karma
    Peter O'Karma

    Unbelievable! Fabulous!

  • You MUST do this again! Can't believe you arranged for all of these great people to get together and share what they're thinking about these days.

    Martha Roper
    Martha Roper

    Do this again

  • Wow, Wow, Wow!! That was an incredible time and so much info. I for one could not watch and retain everything every day so I will definitely revisit.

    Karen M.
    Karen M.