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Did you know over 80% of sensory information is visual? That means your eyes play a significant role in your athletic performance, yet are often left untrained! Vizual Edge offers cutting edge at-home vision and cognitive training to sharpen your pickleball game in just 15 minutes!

Vizual Edge

The Edge Trainer from Vizual Edge delivers the most advanced sports vision training available right from your own device. Backed by nearly 30 years of data and research, the Edge Trainer's web-based program is proven to help enhance timing, balance, eye-hand coordination, positional and spatial awareness, reaction speed and more to give you an edge in your sport!

Using just your own iPad or laptop device and Vizual Edge's 3D glasses, you can improve your pickleball performance through visual training in just 15 minutes, 3x a week! A personalized, simple training plan allows you to track your stats as you improve each week, with evaluation PDFs to show you how you stack up to your peers! Give your pickleball game an edge with the #1 vision training program!

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Vizual Edge

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