Daniel J. (DJ) Howard

Technique, Mindset and More: 6 Power-Packed Tips to Play Your Best

A Talk by Daniel J. (DJ) Howard (Pickleball Pro and Mental Game Coach)

About this Talk

DJ Howard will be LIVE in the Summit chat during his presentation. Be sure to COME DURING THE LIVE BROADCAST TIME to ask DJ all of your questions!

Sometimes, the best advice comes in bite-size packages. DJ Howard shares six easy-to-follow tips to change your game. From how to study the pros to mastering the three physical aspects of the game, which DJ refers to as receiving, sending, and recovering, DJ's insights are straightforward and to the point.

July 15, 2024, 06:30 PM

06:30 PM - 06:54 PM

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Daniel J. (DJ) Howard

Daniel J. (DJ) Howard

Pickleball Pro and Mental Game Coach

Pickleball teacher, coach, and purveyor of tips and tactics to help anyone play better pickleball.